PSU IT Casebook

Governance Now, India's premier governance and public policy magazine from Sri Adhikari Brothers (SAB) TV group, is presenting PSU IT CASEBOOK on 14th October 2016 which will be a limited-edition coffee table book compiling the best of PSUs ICT Practices.

Transformation of PSUs is one of the important sides of transforming India. IT Transformation and Digitization can be generic and loosely defined terms in the lexicons of many. However, visionary leaders are able to see these as potent tools for achieving the larger goals such as business and organizational transformation or agility and customer centricity. PSU organizations in India are at varying stages of their business transformation journeys, and more importantly, often in vastly different ways. That is only natural, given that each PSU often operates in different market segments, deals with different customer sets, and consequently, has to address different business challenges.

It is therefore but natural that in the organization you lead, an ICT project implemented with the objective of achieving the next level of growth or business transformation, would also be unique in its own distinct more

And yet, your flagship ICT projects would also have some best practices, lateral ideas and technology innovations that could be cross referenced and shared by other PSU organizations for mutual benefits.

Likewise, your organization could benefit from what others have done—isn’t it? So what if we could put together a compilation of such select ICT case studies for the benefit of key stakeholders across the PSU community? Even better, how about adding to it multiple expert insights and advices from policy makers, industry veterans and third-party consultants, researchers and analysts! An immensely rich compilation that would serves as a ready reckoner for various ICT and business stakeholders across PSUs is what one would get!

It is with this objective that Governance Now is reaching out to you with a set of questions, on which your valuable responses would help us create the first ever “India PSU ICT Casebook.” The India PSU IT Casebook will also talk about how new technologies can benefit PSUs and help them in addressing existing challenges.

Key Components of PSU IT CASEBOOK

  • Along with transformation stories of PSUs, the casebook will views of PSUs CMD, IT Head, Expert articles and latest technologies that can benefit PSUs.
  • Features 20+ IT projects that have transformed PSUs.
  • How technologies can be used by PSUs to address business challenges and productivity issues.
  • Latest technologies and implementation advice.

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