Digital Transformation Summit

Digital transformation is top agenda of centre and state governments across the country. How well government is doing in terms of providing a conducive environment for digital transformation? Reminiscing digital journey of India, Governance Now Digital Transformation Tech HighlightsSummit will focus on way ahead to accelerate government’s digital transformation for larger benefits of citizens.

Key Themes
  • Barrier and challenges to digital transformation for Digital India
  • Aadhaar For digital transformation: Assessment and the way ahead
  • Going Cashless
  • Success stories and initiatives of transformation in Healthcare, Finance, Education, Railways, Defense, Policing, Banking, Transport, Tourism, and Power, etc by Centre and State Governments
  • Managing PPPs: Procurement processes need to get in step with digital transformation
  • Making citizens and service users be part of our digital transformation journey
  • Digital Disruption and Innovation
  • Connectivity
  • Role Start ups
  • Securing Government’s Digital Infrastructure

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